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At Total Lawn our mission is to work with you to create your own personal oasis. By combining your vision and goals with our creativity and expertise we transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. With flexible pricing structures and phased working schedules, we actively work with you to accommodate all of your needs and ensure that you are comfortable every step of the way.


Our goal is to listen to all of your thoughts and concerns, then add our creativity to create your new oasis. We can be as detailed as the task request or as simple as you would like. We want you to gain our vision of your project before we begin our work of what it will actually look like. Put yourself into it and capture the end result. It is important that you are as excited about your new environment as we are. We want you to communicate your present and future goals so that all are included, even if they might be years to come. We want to be on the path to perfection with no money wasted on the way. If all factors are carefully planned then all of our effort will move us into a positive direction. We want to present you with different pricing scenarios before we begin our design so that we know that this is a project that will be able to be completed, rather than a distant dream. Our creativity is catered to trying to stay within your reasonable budget. Even if you have no preconceived notion of what there needs to be, trust in us that our experience and unique abilities will surprise you.

We are fantastic at organizing the installation of your landscape. Our goal is to be quick, efficient, neat, and professional and do as little damage as possible in the process. Total Lawn is very aware of what it takes to make your project go smoothly. Whether it is choosing the best plant materials or staging our material deliveries so you can still access your garage, we have all factors in mind. We simply pretend this is our house and family how would I like this done. The most important factor in any project is choosing the right grade and drainage options, and we are the best at it. Total Lawn owns a huge variety of equipment to make your project move fast and efficiently. Whether it is moving large amounts of earth or simply controlling your neighbor’s runoff. We are even known for making drainage an aesthetic part of the landscape. Once this is complete the imagination is the limit for what we can achieve. Our ponds will make you smile with every glance and our outdoor fireplaces will be a gathering point for the rest of your family’s life. Some of our outdoor living places will make you have to decide where to eat each meal. We are best known for how quickly we achieve our goals and yours. Let us amaze you with what we can complete in a day.

Our goal is to maintain your property in the condition it is in on our first scheduled visit. If it is not in order lets walk through and discuss what needs to be done to make it perfect. This way there is no question as to how things should look. We are going to maintain the property as it is. We carefully listen to your concerns related to how you expect things to be. We are well aware of proper pruning procedures and when items should be pruned. We can easily decipher between a weed and a perennial so that all items are protected. When it comes to mowing the turf areas we carry a variety of mower to insure the best possible cut, yes even reel mowers. Our passion for overachieving is constantly displayed through our weekly performance. Constant attention to details of all facets of your lawn gives you peak performance and a highly maintained yard. I have learned it is better for all to do a little every each, than to do it all at the end of the month. This motto even cuts down on my labor expenses. You will consistently see the same uniformed men on each visit, so you are familiar with them as they are with your needs. All of the staff has been trained by the owner by working alongside of him and have been with the company for many years. Be prepared for your neighbors to ask who does your lawn and just ask we will give you more cards

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